Animated Magical Beanstalk for 3ds Max

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3d model of Magical Beanstalk with growth and wind animation.

Presentation video:

Workflow video:

These amazing 3d models include high-resolution PBR textures, shaders for Corona render, FStorm and V-Ray. It's a fully customizable 3D asset which offers real creative freedom! You can tweak and animate any parameter and receive desired shape and animation of Magical Beanstalk!
This 3d asset contains 2 different shaders, the first is a realistic one, and the second is a stylized shader. Make your own Magical Beanstalk, adjust LODs, height, density, thickness, curvature, style and so on, add wind and grow animation!

3ds Max 2014+ and the latest version of GrowFX 2 is required.

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